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We are a charcoal briquette manufacturing company based in Southern Malawi (Blantyre). Our briquettes are made from agricultural waste and forest waste. Our briquettes are a sustainable alternative to firewood and charcoal.

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Charcoal Briquettes Product Features
Eco-Friendly Briquettes

Made from vegetable and forest waste

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Long Lasting

Burn twice as long than ordinary charcoal

Carbon Free Briquettes

We have reduced our Carbon Footprint by making smokeless briquettes

Protect the Environment

We save 88 average size trees when one ton of our briquettes used.

Cost Effective

Our briquettes are 30% cheaper than wood charcoal

Why Greenspa?

Why Switch to Our Briquettes?

Energy Efficiency
Our Briquettes Save our Women & Girl's Human Labour
Providing high quality energy efficient blocks at low costs
We provide alternative cooking & heating solutions

Why Choose Greenspa?

About 9000Kgs of Carbon dioxide emmissions are offset
Lisha Charcoal briquettes are 40% cheaper than the wood fuel, helping our customers to save.
Employment opportunity for women as 80% of workers are women.
We are providing alternative healthy cooking solution

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Blantyre City, Malawi

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